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Recently, the Yu'an branch of Lu'an Municipal Bureau of quality supervision conducted a special adjustment on quantitatively packed goods in the circulation market. 3. Electronic stepless speed regulation speed regulation. After investigation, the qualified rate of quantitatively packed goods is low, and the average qualified rate of some goods is only 70%

the quantitative packaging commodities in this special rectification are mainly representative food, paint, etc. the consumption of such quantitative packaging commodities is relatively large, and the masses also have many problems. In order to purify the quantitative packaging market and safeguard the vital interests of the masses, the Quality Supervision Bureau launched this special rectification action for nearly one month since 1998. In this operation, 50 stores were inspected, and the main problems found were: the marking of net content was not standardized. The net content is uneven. The unqualified rate is high. Among the 30 groups of samples sampled, 9 groups are unqualified (the main unqualified item is the unqualified net content)

in view of the above situation, the Bureau has asked the distribution unit to implement the rectification as soon as possible, and actively contact the relevant foreign manufacturers to help them with the rectification

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