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Acceptance standard of kitchen and bathroom waterproof engineering

acceptance of bathroom waterproof Engineering: in the process of bathroom decoration, the waterproof engineering of bathroom and kitchen is an important part of the whole decoration engineering, which is directly related to the comfort of living at home in the future. There are the following acceptance standards:

1. The performance of waterproof materials should comply with the provisions of the current national standards, and there should be product certificates

2. Waterproof construction should be used for coating waterproof materials

3. The coating waterproof layer shall be painted evenly, and the thickness shall meet the requirements of product technical regulations. Generally, the thickness shall not be less than 1.5mm, and the bottom shall not be exposed

4. The waterproof cement mortar leveling layer is tightly combined with the foundation, without hollowing, and the surface is flat and smooth, without cracks and sanding. The internal and external corners are made into circular arcs

5. The surface of the coating film shall be free of blistering, flowing, flat and concave convex, and the joint with pipe fittings, sanitary ware foundation, floor drain and drainage outlet shall be tight, and the end shall be smooth without leakage

6. The use of construction joints should be lapped in the direction of flowing water, and the lap width should not be less than 100mm. When using more than two layers of glass fiber cloth to lap up and down, it should be staggered by half of the width

7. The thickness and strength of the cement mortar of the protective layer must meet the design requirements. It is strictly forbidden to damage the waterproof layer during operation. The flashing slope of the ground should be made according to the design requirements. The drainage should be smooth and there should be no ponding and slope inversion

8. The surface of the base course shall be flat without hollowing, sanding, cracking and other defects. The moisture content of the base course shall meet the construction requirements of waterproof materials. The waterproof layer shall extend from the ground to the wall, 250mm higher than the ground. The height of waterproof layer of bathroom wall shall not be less than 1800mm




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