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Smart products can make the kitchen environment, bedroom, living room and the overall home environment more and more warm. Ultimately, we want to make consumers feel happy through the experience of smart products and realize the happiness index of life

on April 10, 2014, the 2014 national key dealer and new product launch of shangpengtang smart home with the theme of "winning the market together and creating the future with intelligence" was held in Foshan Shunde Jiaxin Kangnian Garden Hotel. Huiya information and home hotline tracked the future and interviewed Mr. Hou of shangpengtang to share the charm of shangpengtang's new products and future development plans

home hotline: please briefly introduce to us what new products have been released today and what are the highlights

President Hou: this time, our products still adhere to the consistent style of shangpengtang, that is, the concept of intelligence. This time, the cabinets and wardrobe products have many selling points, such as the automatic lifting electronic disinfection cabinet of the wardrobe, the light sensing system, and some sterilization and disinfection functions. The design of the products is more dominated by science and technology and fashion to meet the broad needs of more young and middle-aged customers

home hotline: shangpengtang brand has a history of nearly 30 years. After entering the mainland in 2008 to make integral cabinets and wardrobes, it has also developed rapidly, especially in product innovation. So, how does shangpengtang maintain the innovation and competitiveness of its products

President Hou: shangpengtang first started with electronic induction technology. He has been making household appliances for nearly 30 years and has adhered to the concept of leading science and technology. After entering the customized home furnishing industry in 2008, we have established a strong technology development team. Taiwan, South Korea, Germany and other countries have our technology research and development bases, and invited some famous interior design masters in Taiwan. Therefore, we invest a lot in new product development, so that we can keep shangpengtang's leading edge in science and technology

home hotline: shangpengtang's products are characterized by "intelligence". Now you may have different views on the concept of "intelligence". Please share your understanding of "smart home"

president Hou: speaking of smart home, many people may not be very clear, but smart phones are very clear. In fact, smart phones can bring convenience to our lives, make our lives full of creativity, and enjoy life to the fullest. Through the product design concept and assortment, and then assisted by our products with intelligent functions, our kitchen environment, bedroom, living room and the overall home environment become more and more warm. Finally, we want to make consumers feel happy through the experience of intelligent products and realize the happiness index of life

home hotline: what do you think of the future market prospect of smart home and what role it will play in daily life

president Hou: smart home will be a shining star in the customized home industry in the next 3-5 years. With the popularization of intelligence, people have more demands and expectations for smart products. At present, the penetration rate of customized home in China has not exceeded 30%, and smart home may be 3% - 5%. With the popularization of network and the arrival of 3G and 4G era, smart home will become the most important field in the customized home industry in the near future. I am very optimistic about this piece

home hotline: in 2014, Shang Pengtang's main work was "emphasizing service and neglecting investment". What is the background behind such a policy

President Hou: we have made adjustments this year. In recent years, the investment attraction speed of new stores in shangpengtang has been very fast. While expanding rapidly, we found that many sales logistics services have not kept up, and the overall service needs to be improved. Therefore, we want to slow down the pace of investment attraction, and first serve the existing stores well, so as to make our existing network channels more solid, At the same time, it will be more helpful to the brand reputation effect and long-term development

home hotline: what are the specific ways to improve the service

Mr. Hou: the first is the professionalism of the store. Many of our dealers are outside the industry, so this one should be improved; The second is to focus on the active marketing mode, so that stores can learn to take the initiative and learn to better brand promotion, so as to improve sales performance; The third is to form a more coordinated interaction between manufacturers and dealers, so as to truly form a cooperative relationship between factories and dealers, rather than a game relationship. Through the efforts of both sides, we can strengthen and expand the brand and achieve a win-win situation at the same time

home hotline: OK, thank you for accepting our interview

president Hou: Thank you





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