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Wallpaper is a kind of wall decoration produced in response to the requirements of the times. It has unparalleled advantages in paint and other wall decoration. Wallpaper is favored by the public because of its diverse colors, rich patterns, simple construction, safety and environmental protection, and affordable price. Since the wallpaper construction is simple, what is the method of laying wallpaper for home decoration? If you want to know more about this content, please join us

wallpaper paving method

1. Remove the wall. Remove the original paint, wallpaper and other objects from the wall. If there are cracks and holes on the wall, use gypsum powder to supplement these places, and paste bandages after leveling; In case of sand and ash walls and partitions, glass wool cloth or dacron cloth should be pasted; Some poor quality partition walls or external walls need to be fully nailed with gypsum boards to achieve the effect of thermal insulation

2. Apply primer. Evenly brush the alkyd varnish on the wall with moderate thickness

3. Putty and polish. Apply putty to the Wall twice. After the putty is dried, polish the wall with sandpaper to remove uneven particles and make the wall smooth and flat

4. Cover oil. Use clear oil to paint the wall again evenly without too thick. This can prevent the wall from absorbing wallpaper glue, make the wallpaper stick firmly on the wall, and make the wall more flat

5. Cut the wallpaper. There are also regularity in cutting wallpapers, such as the neat color and pattern of each wallpaper and the adjacent two wallpapers, the consistency of size and so on

6. Paste wallpaper. After the wallpaper glue is evenly coated on the wallpaper with a roller, the thicker wallpaper needs to be placed for a period of time. When starting to paste wallpaper, for the joint, squeeze the two sides of the adjacent Wallpapers together to make them coincide, then press the joint with a scraper, and clean the extruded glue. After the wallpaper is pasted, use a scraper to roll the pasted wallpaper from top to bottom

selection principle of wallpaper

1. Principle of supporting auxiliary materials

when selecting wallpaper, you should also understand the use functions of base film (for wall back sealing), rubber powder and mortar, which will directly affect the construction quality and later effect of wallpaper. A complete set of wallpaper construction includes primer and glue wallpaper. Any link that is not environmentally friendly will affect the final construction effect. Invisible links &mdash& mdash; Primer and glue are more critical. Many wallpaper construction problems are caused by glue

2. Pay attention to the principle of color fastness

colorful wallpapers are beautiful, but don't forget to wipe them with a wet cloth on site to see if they are decolorized, especially some wallpapers with concave and convex texture, which will be cleaned and taken care of frequently in the future

3. The principle of caring about materials

there are many kinds of wallpapers in the market, but there are also many materials, of which paper-based PVC Wallpapers account for more than half, the cost of raw materials is relatively low, and some imported PVC wallpapers have high prices; High grade Wallpapers usually use pure paper and non-woven materials

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